Fanuc S2000i-100B, 2007

Fanuc-S2000i-100B-2007-Injection Mold MachineTheĀ FANUC ROBOSHOT S-2000i series is the AI electric injection molding machine for the 21st century that incorporates the new injection unit as well as the advanced control with dedicated servo system, so as to extend performance in precision molding.

Machine Specifications:

  • Model: FANUC S2000i100B
  • MFY:2007 yr
  • Screw diameter:28 mm with anit-abrasion screw & barrel set
  • Injection speed :330 mm
  • Mold thick:150~450 mm
  • Distance between tie bars:460 x 410 mm
  • Injection capacity:58 cm3
  • Injection pressure:240 mpa

Additional information:

  • Now User: Japanese Factory in China & uesd in clean room.
  • Product: Transparent product
  • Condition & outlook: Same as new. (only 4000(+/-) working hours)

The machine is in very good working condition. Please contact us for price quotation.

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