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Introducing brand new injection moulding machines. Ranging from small to large tonnage. The machines comes with energy saving servo options or standard hydraulic machines. Esta Tech will be proudly representing Year Chance Machinery as one of their agent.

About Year-Chance

Year-Chance Machinery a Taiwan based Company was established in 1996 and has more than twenty years of experience in specialised machinery production. Year-Chance Machinery has ISO9001, CE certification and as well as a number of patents. Among these A,E,V series of high-pressure, high-speed machines has won widespread approval in the 3C industry.


Year-Chance Machinery has invested in a modern 6000 sq.m. production facility, CNC machining and finishing centre to reflect high standards in R & D and to maintain stable quantity of output. All die-casting goods are made in Taiwan and all key components are procured from Japan, Italy companies.


Collaboration with Japan DAIKIN was formed in 2001 to conduct speed pressure testing of digitalised servo valves. By utilising the concept of an efficient high precision, pre-loaded synchronous injection function to fully exploit the injection performance. Year Chance Machinery invented the first toggle type injection compression, cored mould/neutron partial compression process that can reduce internal stresses in the product. 

Year Chance C220S Plastic Injection Moulding MachineYear Chance C220S Plastic Injection Moulding MachineYear Chance C220S Plastic Injection Moulding MachineYear Chance C220S Plastic Injection Moulding MachineYear Chance C220S Plastic Injection Moulding MachineYear Chance C220S Plastic Injection Moulding MachineYear Chance YC T1800S - Injection Moulding MachineYear Chance YC T1800S - Injection Moulding MachineYear Chance YC T1800S - Injection Moulding Machine


A and E series are outstanding examples of highly-efficient, reliable machines that offer the highest quality to the industry. These are fast-operating systems which are servo-controlled to ensure the greatest accuracy in injection operations.

Fast And Stable Action And Transmission

Fast And Stable Action And Transmission

Accurate Protection Loop Of Clamping Low-Pressure

Innovative design on the more accurate low-pressure, release pressure and hydraulic resistance principles are used to allow mold close at lowest pressure and protect the mold.

Comparative chart of mold close at a low pressure

High-Speed Mold Opening And Accurate Brake And Stop Function

Innovative technology and development have driven mold opening speeds to the level of 1000mm/s, deceleration to within 50mm and accurate braking and stop is achieved in very short times. Molds will not be damaged even when operating together with high-speed robotic arms. Production time, a fundamental requirement for high-end injection molding machines, is effectively reduced. 

Accurate mold closing at low pressure ; mold protection comparison

All Functions Independent Control, Three-Stage Proportional Charge On Back Pressure, Pressure And Speed

  • Separate stage meets all requirement of various injection product
  • Ensure optimum homogeneity of the melt for coloring no overflowing problem
  • Various design on screw to match all kind of difference material and best plsticizing quality.
  • Single screw runs parallel with charge bwd, to improve plasticizing quality.
  • Independent back pressure proportional valve protects screw while charge
completely-independent three-stage proportional backpressure

Independent Precise Temperature Control For Large And Small Sprues Diagram (Optional)

Because a small sprue contacts the mold at relatively low temperature, its temperature variation will be maximal. By using a hook type temperature sensing wire to control the temperature independently, the temperature at large and small sprues can be controlled separately. This means injection uniformity of the melted plastic resin at the injection front end can be controlled with great accuracy. This is an essential key function for high-end injection molding machines.

Independent precise temperature control for large and small spruesBarrel with screw of high blending rate

Injection Holding Pressure Shifting The Model Of Injection Filling Pressure Reach Setting Value And Transit Injection Holding Pressure.

  • Inconsistent stickiness and minute variations in the mixing of materials may affect the ability of collar. This can lead to problem in maintaining consistent injection pressure. pressure exchange can help to regulate the pressure and maintain it at desired levels in order to achieve the highest quality product.
  • When small injection section has been clogged for some reasons you can finish in advance and begin pressure maintaining to ensure mold not enduring excessive filling pressure and be free from damages. (see below chart no.1)
  • For crystalline plastic with unstable plastic performance, it is evident that enhances the effect of stability of injected products. (see below chart no.2)

Production Of Opto-Electronic Components Using Low-Speed, High-Pressure Injection

Opto-electronic production special emphasize good induction controller, and high injection pressure. For a smooth surface, it needs the very stability low-speed injection capacity and a precision program of controller.

Low Speed And High Stability Injection For A , E Series

  • Auto-change of highest and fastest injection pressure
  • High performance of injection can be carried out at the lowest speed to 0.8mm /sec. High-stability with under 5% difference.
  • Injection compression molding can improve the problem of air bubble and lower Injection stress, special for variety high opto-electronic production.
  • The upper limits of pressure can be set at any level in order to carry out injection at optimum speed.

High Effective Accumulator (ACC) High Speed Injection System (Option)

General hydraulic and electric power system are limited by output power and horsepower. Even a good design, it can only improve the performance a little bit. Year-Chance Acc system, injection speed is multiple increased, injection rate and injection power have a wide improvement, but the power consumption does not much increased, accurate and fast speed. Fast and continuously monitor and correcting within 0.001 second with servo valve and close-loop circuit. The injection system is wide surpass full electric injection machine, it is very suitable thin production and various surface of high-density products.


A, E Series Challenge The Ultimate Limit Of Defect Rate – Below 1 Ppm

Normally after a million shots with the same mold in a typical injection molding machine it is estimated that more than 10,000 shots will be defective. A Year-Chance injection molding machine finished a real production trial that increased the Cp and Cpk values from 1.11 and 0.63 to 2.42 and 2.26 respectively. Statistically, this result represents a defect rate that is lower than one in a million shots achieved under conditions where all external factors were eliminated. This meets 6 sigma, the highest quality standard in the world. Performance is the key demand of machinery. Only good performance can produce products of higher quality level; however, stability of machinery and reproducibility of injection are the indices of the highest level. In this technical field, even engineers with extremely high levels of expertise and experience are unable to make a difference. Only the injection molding machine itself can challenge the ultimate limit with its potential and stability.

comparison-chart of-using-same-moldproduct-quality-comparison-chart

Holding Pressure Ramping Freely Setting

Improved injection holding performance, production stability and reduce internal stress, assure precise even more for crystal plastic production.


Injection Compression (Option)

Producing high density with low internal stress products. By using compression injection molding process, it can produce even shiny surface, high density and lower internal stress products under low injection pressure condition.It can also prevent warp and improve flatness and surface quality of products. This process is suitable for products with large projection area and improves performance of injection molding machine.Due to even force applied on the surface,the holding phase can be shortened,cooling time and cycle time can be reduced as well as the production costs.In addition,air-venting problem in the mold can be resolved at the same time.



Reducing cycle time and increasing productivity


Controller System

Computer Systems EMPC9600 / EMPC9000 / EMPC6000

  1. Plural CPU can run different functions simultaneously. Several sets of 16 bit main CPU and 8-12 bit side CPU, high speed microprocessors control up to 40Mhz.
  2. Colored 5.7 inch or 10.4 inch TFT-LCD monitors, featuring 256 colors and resolution :640x480 pixels.
  3. Easy operation panel, engineer screen and help screen can run instructive learning, upper and lower limit for any preset value and necessary information.
  4. Temperature control proportional integral (PID) and add fuzzy, accuracy can be advanced within 0.25%.
  5. High-precision PWM system control, proportional pressure/speed control and developed servo valve fully.
  6. 50 or 100 internal molds memory can be deleted or reset as needed, 10 years retention even if it is not in operation.
  7. Hardware pressure and speed ramping control, reaction time is 0.001 second, 256 steps procedure. Injection holding pressure ramping and other motion ramping ? can be adjusted directly on screen to reduce effectively product's internal stress. Other program ramping can also be adjusted on engineer page to promote & smooth operation.
  8. SPC recording system designed is record and display the last 300 moulds cycle, it is good for quality control.
  9. SPC trend, bar graphics with standard interfaces of print out. Inner machine  connection program is easy for customer to control and management.
  10. Design of AC, DC power supply separated entirely removes effectively the interference and danger. Well ventilation reduces faults and extents longevity. ? ?Several languages are available for choice.
  11. 5- step injection, 4-step holding pressure, 3-step charge, 3-step back pressure. Speed and pressure are controller separately. (EASY9000 type 4-step injection)
  12. Pressure, speed can set 0.0 second, time can set 0.00 second.
  13. Injection compression molding has fully and partial compression pages.
  14. Min-Max percentage linear adjustment, easy correction pressure and speed.
  15. High-precision position control by linear sensor, proportional correction can direct Speed and pressure are controller separately. (EASY9000 type 4-step injection)Controller-System-01

Fuzzy Temperature Control In The Extractor

Fuzzy logic temperature control converts the actual data into language values which can be compared to more accurate predicted language systems in order to attain performance which is closed to rational norms. This means that temperature can be kept at desired levels more quickly and accurately.

Other Functions

  1. self-diagnosing of the system when the power of the system is turned on.
  2. 4 stage linear sensor, 3 stage pressure checking.
  3. Ammeter gauge for pressure, speed & temperature
  4. Backing pressure release by manual optional
  5. Alarm for oil temperature is over heat and oil temperature control system
  6. Temperature control on barrel inlet and mold cooling water.
  7. Two sets of mold temperature control.
  8. Charge function can be injection finished or cooling finished.
  9. Injection bwd can be charge finished or cooling finished.
  10. Cooling time can be injection finished or charge finished
  11. Checking and alarm of heater band of thermocouple broken out ?Automatic mold adjustment with automatic high and low pressure setting.
  12. Automatic purge barrel function.
  13. Select kg/cm or PSI.
  14. Select mm and inch of the setting value and unit.
  15. Pre-heating operation can be set on a daily basis weekly a unit.
  16. Cycle of mold and packaged can be recorded parallel, production finished  can be alarm or reset to zero.
  17. Air blow function
  18. Single-phase socket
  19. Cold star of screw protection
  20. Core pull
  21. Alarm of shot count & rejecting product
  22. Transformer with copper platen static electricity prevent external interference



Year Chance D-Series

D-Series Direct Hydraulic Clamping Injection Molding

The Forever series uses efficient, movable plates, low deformation direct press mold clamping structure and accurate, stable low pressure mold engagement with a hydraulic control pipeline design, as well as automatic check and display function for mold clamping force. The mold clamping force can be concentrated on the mold itself and thus greatly reduce the consumption of machinery power. Mechanical design utilizes rigid FCD-50 mold plates with optimized design and the siphon principle of pressure cylinder to fill oil quickly for providing the pressure, which could reduce molding cycle effectively and lower wear rate of the machine.

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Year Chance S-Series

Energy Saving and Environment Protection / Create Win-Win Situation

The energy-saving model is a trend in the plastic industry. This design can accomplish energy-saving, high efficiency, high stable operation and quiet working environment. We stay ahead of this field by anticipating market trends and making innovative breakthroughs to give our customers better tools. We, Year-Chance, own the best quality and the most competitive prices. Designers at Year-Chance machinery bare only one thing in mind as we do what we do. The S-series feature as below:

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