Ferromatik Milacron K-TEC 60S (2005)

Ferromatik Milacron K TEC-60S (2005)

Ferromatik Milacron K-TEC 60S (2005)

Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Working hours : 7,859hrs

Year: 2005

Model : K-TEC60S

Stroke volume : 69cm3

Injection Pressure : 3036bar

Clamping force : 600kN

Min. Mold Thickness : 200mm

Clearance between tie bars : 355 x 355mm

Clamping platens (HxV) : 525 x 510mm

Clamp stroke: 420mm

Max. Daylight : 620mm

The machine is in very good working condition. Please contact us for more details and price.

Ferromatik Milacron K-TEC 60 (2005)Ferromatik Milacron K-TEC 60S (2005)Ferromatik Milacron-K-TEC60S (2005) Ferromatik Milacron K-TEC 60S (2005)thumb Ferromatik-Milacron-K-TEC-60-05-15thumb Ferromatik-Milacron-K-TEC-60-05-29Ferromatik Milacron K-TEC60S (2005)Ferromatik Milacron K-TEC 60S (2005)thumb Ferromatik-Milacron-K-TEC-60-05-24thumb Ferromatik-Milacron-K-TEC-60-05-13thumb Ferromatik-Milacron-K-TEC-60-05-25thumb Ferromatik-Milacron-K-TEC-60-05-20

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