Netstal HP3500-6600R (2007)

Netstal HP3500-6600R (2007) PET Line Injection Moulding MachineNetstal PET-LINE is a state-of-the-art production system for PET preforms and epitomizes the greatest possible operational efficiency and proficient production

We have four set of complete NETSTAL injection systems:

Netstal HP 3500 - 3550R (2001) (48 cavities)

Netstal HP 3500 - 6600R (2006) (96 cavities)

Netstal HP 3500 - 6600R (2007) (96 cavities)

Netstal HP 3500 - 6600R (2007) (128 cavities) 

- Injection machine, robot Each system contains :

- Mold

- Air dehumidifier

- Dryer

- Hopper

- Master batch dosing unit

- Cooling system

- Conveyor

- Compressors

The machines are in good working condition with full set of accessories. Please contact us for more details and price.

Machine No.1234
Type HP3500-3550R HP3500-6600R HP3500-6600R HP3500-6600R
Year 2001 2006 2007 2007
Working hours 45,079hrs 28,067hrs 22,348hrs 6,831hrs
Working Pressure 210 bar 210 bar 210 bar 210 bar
Injection force 1115kN 1960kN 1960kN 1960kN
Clamping force 3500kN 3500kN 3500kN 3500kN
Injection Volume (max.) 3040cmc 6000cmc 6000cmc 6000cmc
Opening stroke 0-625mm 0-700mm 0-700mm 0-700mm
Mould space 500-800mm 500-800mm 500-800mm 500-800mm
No. Cavities 48 96 96 128

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